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  1. feelinguinme

    Love listening to your podcast!!! Your blunt and hilarious!!! “Get the fuck over it!” Is the best! I have a question… Actually we could use some advise. Now, I’m not complaining because this is amazing, but my man has a difficult time finishing. I love giving him head and he tells me I’m doing everything perfect, most guys I’ve been with can’t last long in my mouth. With vaginal, he has to pound the shit out of me doggie, and sometimes that can hurt. He can finish that way. He masturbates but that can take some time as well. Any ideas on how he can regain sensitivity??

  2. Bareish

    Do you have any episodes about pegging

  3. Bareish

    I’m loving this show its helping so much I’m new to the sight only on 15 can’t wait to catch up

  4. Lance

    I hope the bell is no longer used in the show. Hard on the ears.

  5. educating angie

    I’m really enjoying your Podcasts have started from the beginning and working my way through all the episodes. I’m a very religious girl I’m actually an ordained minister and happily married for 18 years. I believe sex is a wonderful gift that God gave us and should be explored fully. My request at this time is very simple I’m wondering if there’s a picture of you and Shara out there on the Internet or are you trying to keep your identity completely secret? If you don’t want your picture out there on the Internet can you just please send me a picture of you and Shara together so I have a visual with all of the stuff I’m listening to. Thank you so much. My husband and I are enjoying our homework assignments.

  6. Magic

    My boyfriend and I are about to embark on a new adventure for the both of us. We are going to try double vaginal penetration. We are both very excited about it, but a question has surfaced and I hope to find an answer here. How does DV work, if at all, with condoms? Can we work it with lots of lube or are we just dreaming that it’s possible without extreme frustration?

    • Sorry for the late reply to this. Double vaginal with condoms can be tricky. The best real option in my opinion (and due to the physics of latex-on-latex regardless of how much lube you use), is to have one of the guys wrapped up while the other isn’t, that way there’s no latex-on-latex action at all. This obviously requires you to be fluid-bonded with at least one of your playmates. You could also consider a female condom, but while that protects you from the guys it obviously doesn’t protect the guys from each other.

      If you need both guys to be wearing condoms, I would say take it slow and use a ton of lube, but you’re going to have to rely on the guys to pay very close attention to whether they’re feeling friction.

  7. William and Lynn


    We are a fun loving couple and really enjoy your podcasts, especially the ones about the swinger lifestyle. We are both curious to this and we are seeking your advice on where to look for local clubs. We live near the Bay Area in Northern Cali. We would like to experience our enjoyment of sex with others but looking just to get started. Any referrals or websites to look at would be really helpful. Thanks J V and really looking forward to more of your podcasts.

    W & L

  8. Are the podcasts finished ? Show over?

  9. Linda Savage

    I just discovered your podcast. Please tell me tthat you Have not stopped creating it. I haven’t seen anything for the year 2013.

  10. shrink

    Hi, I discovered your podcast and I’m i love with it. Most serious, clear, balanced sex advice I’ve seen/heard/read anywhere. I wish I had learnt all this when I was 18; feels like 2 decades wasted. Anyways, it’s helping me realize a lot about me and where some of my struggles in life lie. 17 years in a monogamous relationship and miserable on it. This is opening my mind not to allow myself to sit on that anymore. Not sure where this will take me but sure it will be a better outcome than where I am/was heading. By the way, I am psychiatrist and know many therapists, sexual educators, etc. I can honestly say that most of them still live in the dark ages, no wonder people are hesitant to go to them; I mean, I haven’t gone for this very reason. What I’m learning here is like therapy. If I could only involve my partner in the same philosophy life would be just perfect.

  11. Trance

    Hi, I just discovered your podcast and I LOVE it. I listened to your episode about BDSM and I had tons of questions. I’m a ok looking guy but I have Aspergers, so i don’t have very good social skills. I’m nice, funny, and most poeple say they can’t tell, but I have a lot of dark thoughts (BDSM).

    Is there any advice you can give on how to precent myself to a couple or individual that doesn’t make me sound like a shutin

  12. Tim A

    Hi J.V.,

    I love listening to your podcasts and I am trying to catch up with the current podcast.

    Your sound quality is fine when you are monologuing, but your sound quality falls off on the second half of the show when you bring on Shara. Let me offer two solutions.

    1. get a second microphone for each of you.
    2. Get a Condenser microphone that offers a figure 8 design. It can receive sound from both sides of the microphone. This type of microphone is a bit more expensive and a lot more fragile of a device than dynamic style of microphone.

    Remember with dynamic style of mic’s you need to be 1-3″ from it, but a condenser style microphone will break if you are that close. Condenser mic’s are incredibly sensitive and cannot take a lot of abuse, but they are awesome for quality recordings (musical instruments). Voice can be recorded on them, but back off the distance or the diaphragms will break.

    I will bet that the reason for the drop in sound quality is that you both are further than 3″ from the dynamic-style mic. Dynamic mics are a lot more durable and can handle direct speaking. (Matter of fact: NEVER blow into a Condenser mic! You will break the fragile diaphragms.)

    I hope this helps!!

    Also, I would love to see a picture of you and Shara. I would love to put a picture with all the words I have been hearing.

  13. GiaLady

    After listening to a number of pod casts on swinging and various forms of open relationships, I began to wonder how many swingers over the age of 50 are still out there. I also checked on Fetlife to see how many older people still openly participate in kink with friends. I would hate to see people give up just because of age, but the world loves youth. I guess the answer is to stay as fit and healthy as you possibly can. It would be interesting to see some studies done on this whole lifestyle. Other than “Opening Up”, which I have not read yet, is there any information? Hey, this may be an interesting topic for your pod cast or for Swingset’s pod cast. Then again, maybe your audience is too young.

  14. Silent J

    In one of your episodes you mentioned a questionnaire that you could give to a new sub. I can’t find it. I’d love to give it to mine.

  15. Kinky

    You might be interested in http://stopplagiarism.info/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/mastercallsubmissiveawakeningcompare.jpg
    and http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1845922562 who also had work taken from her. Since Madeline’s ‘calling out’ your work has been removed but you might wish to look into this since things like this are getting out of hand.

  16. Tommy

    I’m interested in getting a T-shirt with your “Giving Head” pornoglyph. Will there be one in the future?

  17. horse

    could you email me I have question about becoming a slave

  18. Sassy

    Hey. Love your podcast. Oddly enough I listen to you podcasting while I’m working out… I have to admit I get a few weird stares when a devilish grin crosses my face at one of your jokes. I apologize if this comment is ill-placed but I’m honestly not sure where my comment “fits” on your site. I want to agree that mind-blowing sex is certainly possible between two consenting adults however I must present a caveat that most men (or at least I assume) don’t seem to realize. Amazing sex is only possible when the parts are all working. My lover and I discovered through a somewhat long and painful–for him–battle. Oh, circumcision. I had no idea that so many things could go wrong! J.V., if you think sex is in the dark ages then just mention “botched circumcision” to a circumcised (or not) man and you’ll have discovered a whole new taboo (I can see you wincing right now!!). All this to say, men, there are ways to deal with a circumcised penis that may hurt while practicing any form of stimulation. Seriously, my man bled while fucking me (I thought the bleeding was left up to me…) and we couldn’t figure out why until we realized that he had a skin bridge. Long story short: his dick was sliced as an infant, mom thought (b/c they are told to think) that since he is cut = less work for mom, skin healed but fused to the head of the penis. Messy picture. However, there is a procedure that can fix all this so I want guys out there to know that sex should be pleasurable and not painful so get that shit fixed and get on with the fucking!!

  19. Heather

    Hey! Do you have a webpage that shows some of the Erotica that you write?

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